First birds on Dogecoin

The first collection of 10,000 birds registered on the Dogecoin blockchain!

4 key benefits

Only 10,000

There are only 10,000 Dogebirds in the world, so there won’t be enough to go around!

First on Dogecoin

The first collection of 10,000 birds registered on the Dogecoin blockchain in July 2023

Winning team

The Moonbidrs collection on Ethereum is the 8th largest collection in the world!

Dogecoin is the future

Dogecoin is the 10th most capitalized crypto in the world, Dogecoin has a lot of fans!

3 birds sur 3 blockchains

On Ethereum: $2,500

Moonbirds on the Ethereum blockchain are now worth around $2,500 each (See this collection here).

On Bitcoin: $12,000

Birds on the Bitcoin blockchain are now worth around $12,000 each (See this collection here).

On Dogecoin: ????

How much can Dogebirds be worth on the Dogecoin blockchain (The 10th blockchain with the largest capitalization in the world)?

What’s the use of Dogebirds?

A bet on the future

Owning a Dogebirds “NFT” can be a good bet, as this collection is bound to become known worldwide.

Having class

Not everyone can own a Moonbird, so it’s common to display your Moonbird as a Twitter, Facebook or other profile photo.

Join 2 large communities

Dogecoin is valued at over 12 billion (in the Top 10). Moonbirds are among the world’s best-known NFTs. It’s a winning combo.


Doge Labs
The founders of the DRC-20 standard, the FIWB token, the website and Doge Labs (the largest development group within the Ordinals protocol on the Dogecoin blockchain), are partners of the Dogebirds collection. They enabled us to list this collection on the Dogecoin blockchain in July 2023 and helped us launch this collection with their Launchpad. We’re backed by the best.

Elon Musk + Dogecoin = <3

1# Space-X’s DOGE-1 space mission
Around February 15, 2024 SpaceX’s special mission, paid for by Dogecoin, will send a satellite spinning in orbit around the moon.

2# Dogecoin will invade the global financial system
He had mentioned on his Twitter that it was inevitable that Dogecoin would invade the global financial system. He noted the composition of his crypto portfolio during an interview: Bitcoin Ethereum and Dogecoin.

3# Twiter ( has changed its logo to Dogecoin
In April 2023, Elon Musk changed Twitter’s logo ( to the Dogecoin logo, causing its price to skyrocket.

4# Elon Musk prefers Ordinals / Doginals (Not NFT Ethreum)
In an interview at the end of 2023 he explained “What’s funny is that the NFT isn’t even on the blockchain – it’s just a URL to the JPEG (…) You should at least encode the JPEGs in the blockchain.” The Dogebirds collection is listed on the Dogecoin blockchain.

7 personality traits

Click here to discover the 7 personality traits and their rarity levels.

Click here to discover the personality traits of each Dogebird.

Dogebirds rarity rank

Click here to discover the rarity ranking of each Dogebirds.

Moonbirds no rights reserved

Moonbirds is a CC0 collection, also known as Creative Commons, which means intellectual property “without rights reserved”. Under this copyright, creators relinquish legal rights to their works and place them in the public domain, allowing anyone to use the artwork without restrictions. Investors in Dogebirds can therefore use their birds as they wish, without any restrictions.

However, the name “Moonbirds” is not freely exploitable. That’s why the collection is called Dogebirds, but our ambition is even greater. Our aim is to propose a vote within the Moonbirds DAO (Lunar Society) so that we can exploit the name “Moonbirds”. If accepted, the collection will be renamed DogeMoonbirds, giving it global legitimacy and visibility. We’ve already reserved the name on Twitter, Telegram and .com. To maximize our chances, we need the Dogebirds collection to prove itself, to be a big success. It’s up to us to make it known!

*Warning: Any investment involves risk, and you may lose all or part of your capital. You alone can be responsible for your investments. By using this site or investing in one or more NFTs, you acknowledge that you understand the risks involved in purchasing these Dogebirds.

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